Building on National Trust Land – Groundworks and First Phase Construction

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Heathcoat Cricket Club, Tiverton, Devon


With work starting in October the target handover was set to be April 1st  2013. As you can see from the attached images, the ground works are now very much underway. As well as the clubhouse works, the club are also committed to providing extensive car parking which will be used not only for the cricketers but also visitors to the estate and the activities that will now be generated adjacent to the clubhouse (dog shows, fayres etc).

Extensive groundworks being preparedExtensive groundworks being undertaken to provide new car parking

Any site of such antiquity is beholding to respect the archeological heritage and the club is required to work closely with an archeological specialist who has had to inspect all of these excavations. The club also appreciate the need to ensure that potential artifacts are either not disturbed or if they are located then they have to be carefully removed and documented.

The National Trust have taken an active part in both the design process and they also need to ensure that the construction process does causes damage in the long-term, is safe for the public and the Estate’s livestock. The Trust’s Architect’s Panel have taken a particularly keen interest in the building and they are excited about the design and see it as a potential landmark and iconic design that can be used as an example for future National Trust projects.

In terms of the clubhouse, the foundations have now been formed with blocks in place and built up ready for the floor beam delivery.

Foundations formed with blocks in place

Foundations formed with blocks in place

Offsite, virtually all of the National Trust timber has been cut and machined from the forests and is ready for assembly with just the trusses to be machined. Pictures of the timber below show the work done by Dan Franklin and his team.

Photos of the National Trust being cut and machined to form the structure of the new clubhouse

The main car park has been leveled; drainage runs are installed with a binding course laid in proportion for a top finish which will be laid at the completion of the construction work. Building Control have inspected phase 1 and are happy. Full design stage approval is subject to agreement of only minor interior detailing.

National Trust timber being cut

National Trust timber being cut by Wooden Ways to form the structure of the new clubhouse