Building on National Trust Land – Working in the Dry

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Heathcoat Cricket Club, Tiverton, Devon


See this Cricket pavilion built from storm damaged trees on ITV Westcountry.

itv article heathcoat cricket club

In the previous blog, we expressed our excitement and appreciation for the manner in which the traditional structure has been formed. But, now that the flesh has been applied to the bones of the building the final form is really taking shape.

National Trust Land - Heathcoat Cricket Club

Interior spaces and rooms are starting to take on their finished scale. The club is now starting to take ownership of what it is going to deliver cricket from the site.

National Trust Land - Heathcoat Cricket Club

The overriding feeling is one of excitement and satisfaction that no compromises have been made with any of the internal spaces. The size of the bar and kitchen are much more appropriate for the various different activities that the club generates through the previous building. The clubroom itself is twice the size and yet because the beautiful beamed roof structure the previous atmosphere and intimacy is still in evidence.

National Trust Land - Heathcoat Cricket Club

Most importantly the whole ground will be visible from any position of the bar and clubroom whereas previously if you sat at either end only half the ground would be visible. Club members here already have been reported as having staked a claim for one position at the bar or other. From a programme point of view, the project is a couple of days ahead of schedule which is a remarkable achievement considering the horrendous weather conditions which is down in part to several influencing factors. The design process has been well-coordinated and precise, the commitment of all those working on its construction has been ensured as many of those employed on the project are club members and cashflow has been maintained thanks to the ECB’s quick turnaround of grant valuations.

National Trust Land - Heathcoat Cricket Club

The club are now focusing on a final funding drive to ensure that the new clubhouse opens, it will boast new furniture and fittings rather than need to re-use the old stoned furnishings. If you would like to learn more or contribute towards this project and help the final push then please contact Andy Macdonald on 0203 397 2227.

National Trust Land - Heathcoat Cricket Club

How the clubhouse is expected to look